To reduce maintenance costs and improve the level of service to our customers, SAGIFON Technologies undertakes the resolution of relatively easy and simple first and second line maintenance tickets. The key here is that SAGIFON Technologies does not attempt to replace various service providers who are undisputed experts on their equipment but simply works to ensure that:
1. Services provided by service providers are those that truly require their expertise and are priced accordingly. SAGIFON Technologies has observed that up to 70% of maintenance activities carried out by service providers should be priced at 70% of what they actually charge. For example, there is no need to pay the same rate for a ticket requiring basic programming changes and another ticket for the installation of a new system card or an upgrade! SAGIFON Technologies therefore takes over these simple administrative activities (resolving 70% to 80% of all calls / faults occurring on your various systems). This is achieved by making use of customer training programs offered by various service providers. This considerably reduces your maintenance costs by up to 30% and offers you a level of maintenance cost predictability!
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