Water heater temperature and Consumption Control

SG-973 SET

Temperature & Consumption Control

SG973 Temperature Transmitter           SCV973 RF Receiver with 25A relays


All industrial, commercial and domestic consumers can now take full control of their water heaters or geysers by means of SG-973 Set: Temperature & consumption control system. For a start, the device brings the thermostat wirelessly into the user’s living room and allows the user to set the maximum or target temperature at which the water must be heated. This has the effect of eliminating unnecessary consumption that occurs because the water heater thermostat has traditionally not been easily accessible. For example in summer time, when the weather is generally warm, users would have no need to heat water above 55 or 60°C, where as in winter time, it may be justifiable to heater water above 70°C.
Secondly, SG-973 set: Temperature & consumption control system is equipped with a basic time switch, which enables users to preset times at which the Geyser must be ON or OFF to meet their unique life style. For example, a family of 4 who all leave home for work or School at 7:00 AM on Monday to Friday, can program their SG-973 temperature transmitter to switch ON their geyser (or water heater) from 3:00 to 6:00AM and have sufficiently warm water available to them from 5:00AM to 10:00AM. If two kids return from School at 14:30, the SG-973 temperature transmitter can within the same day be programmed to switch ON again from 13:00 to 14:00 to reheat the water to the set target temperature. Finally, if parents returning at home will need warm water say at 17:00 to 19:00, then the SG-973 temperature transmitter can again, within the same day, be programmed to switch ON again from 14:30 to 16:30, thereby ensuring that warm water is available as and when it is needed. Furthermore within the ON time period, the SG-973 set will warm the water only up to the set target temperature (example 55°C) and switch OFF, when the target temperature is reached. The system is by default programmed in such way so as to avoid having the geyser ON during the Eskom pick hours, thus helping to alleviate the existing occasional electricity crisis.    
Thus the SG-973 set: Temperature & consumption control system places full consumption management in the hands of the user and enables him/her to manage multiple variables affecting geyser electricity consumption. Furthermore consumers can quickly learn how long they actually need to switch ON their geysers to have sufficiently warm water that meets their unique needs. For example, after some time the family above may decide to reduce the morning session and switch ON only from 3:00 to 5:00AM, thereby achieving further savings in their usual consumption.

SG973 Temperature Transmitter Description:

This is the state of the art wireless transmitter panel displaying to the user all the information related to the geyser. It shows the temperature outside the geyser (Room temperature) as well as the temperature of the water inside the geyser. This smart panel display also allows the user to set or program all parameters related to the geyser such the automatic switching time for ON or OFF, the target temperature to which the water must be heated before switching the geyser OFF and other parameters. 

SCV973 RF Receiver (with 25A relays) Description:

The RF Receiver is housed in a casing different from that, housing the actual 25A Relay Switch for safety purposes. What makes the above Receiver switch special is not only that it is wireless but also that it does not interfere with existing Geyser installations in anyway. Your existing thermostat does not have to be replaced!! The system can be completely added to your existing geyser installation without interfering with it, in anyway. To install the system, the switch is simply inserted into the electrical circuitry of the geyser and the above external, magnetic temperature sensor is simply deposited on the metallic casing of the geyser, and wired to the receiver switch in your roof. The metallic sensor detects the temperature of the water inside the geyser and continuously sends that information to the wireless transmitter panel for display. 

SG973 SET Features

  • Did you abide by Eskom request to switch off your geyser when you do not need hot water? Are you switching OFF all your electrical loads that you are not using? It may save you up to 30% off your electricity bill: Just make it convenient for you! Use a Remote Controlled Time Switch!
  • Are you switching your geyser ON/OFF to save electricity? What about other heavy consumption loads in your industrial plant, business or Home? If so, do not do so at your inconvenience or risk: get a remote controlled time Switch Installed!
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