GSM Remote Controlled Time Switch



Industry-focused companies can now use smartphones to switch an electricity load on or off by calling or sending SMSes to the SAGITECH GSM AC and DC switch. SAGITECH GSM AC or DC time switch is accompanied by a cellphone application, which can be programmed to automatically and remotely activate the system according to the user’s needs. Both switches can replace existing time switches to increase safety in the mining and other industries where traditional time switches are used.
“If any electric circuit catches fire or an emergency situation requires an immediate shutdown, one can switch off the circuit from miles away by simply sending an SMS or making a call to the switch to limit damage and possibly save lives. This switch enables industrial, commercial and domestic consumers to take full control of their electricity consumption patterns and resultant costs.


The SAGITECH – AC/DC is a GSM based remote controlled (ON/OFF) switch that can be controlled through a connection to the GSM network. The connection to the GSM network is accomplished by purchasing a SIM card and airtime from your local cellular network provider (Vodacom, MTN, Cellc etc…). Once the SIM card is installed in the SIM card holder on the top of the GSM module of your SAGITECH AC/DC switch, it will have its own unique cell phone number.
The unit is activated by an incoming call to its cell phone number. The unit cannot answer a voice call but when it senses the call, its programming logic will activate one or both of the output relays in a pre-programmed sequence. Because the unit doesn’t answer the call, the activation of the relays via a phone call does not incur any call charges or airtime to the caller. Alternately, the individual relays can be activated by sending SMS text messages to the unit’s phone number. Similarly, the unit is programmed by sending specific SMS text commands to the unit.
The SAGITECH – AC/DC unit controls 2 independent Relays. One can therefore control 2 separate devices/ loads from one SAGITECH – AC or DC unit. An example would be in an aircraft hangar where the battery charger and engine pre-heater are turned on in sequence to prepare the aircraft for take OFF. An on board clock and a 24 hour timer with 8 time segments for each relay enables the relays to be switched ON and OFF for a set time.


  • Quad band - will work anywhere in the world.
  • Secure caller ID allows controlled access of up to 99 authorized users. The user’s telephone numbers are added to the white list, and only the numbers in the white list are able to activate the SAGITECH –AC/DC Switch. Users can be added and deleted as required using text messages.
  • There is no call costs incurred when the relays are activated by calling the unit. The unit will recognize an authorized telephone number calling it and, reject the call without answering. The SIM Card must have minimum airtime for the system to work. Sending SMSs requiring replies will incur normal SMS charges on the sending SIM Card and Unit’s SIM card for confirmation SMSs.
  • The SAGITECH –AC/DC unit has two independent relays with one normally open and another normally closed contact. These can be programmed to switch ON or OFF for a period between 1 second and 18 hours. In addition a delay time between the activation of relay 1 and 2 can be set. This programming is achieved by sending text messages to the SAGITECH –AC/DC switch. Once programmed the user can simply call the unit to activate the relay operations as already programmed.
  • The programmed operation can be temporarily overridden and the relays switched ON for up to 18 hours, by sending the unit, a text message command to do so. A confirmation text message will always be returned when the relay(s) is switched ON or when it is switched OFF. The text confirmation messages sent from the SAGITECH –AC/DC unit SIM card will be charged as per normal SMS rates of the cell phone provider concerned (MTN, Vodacom, CellC…..).
  • The relays can be permanently switched ON or OFF by sending the SAGITECH –AC/DC unit, specific text message commands.
  • An on board clock and a 24 hour timer with 8 time segments for each relay, enables the relay(s) to be switched ON or  OFF for a set time period. For example relay1 may be programmed to switch ON at 06:00 (6AM) and OFF at 19:00 (7pm). Once set, the timer function can be repeated every day until it is reset. The caller ID and override functions are disabled when the Scheduled 24 hour timer function is activated.

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