Restaurant Service Automation

Our wireless Restaurant service Automation system consists of table bell transmitters, and various receivers including: Wrist Watch and Display Monitors. The table bells are installed/ or fixed on various tables in the restaurant. The display monitor is either mounted on the wall or placed on a table. The Wrist watch is worn by waiters and/or management personnel. 
When a customer arrives in the restaurant and is given a seat, he/she will look through the restaurant’s menu and decide what to order without the pressure of a waiter. When ready, he/she will press the “ORDER” button on the table bell. The waiter assigned to that table will receive either a vibrating signal or sound to alert him that the client is ready to order. The table number will be displayed on his Wrist Watch. He thus attends to the call and places the order with the Kitchen. 
When the food ordered is ready for collection, the kitchen will use their Keypad to dial the number of the table for which the food is ready and the waiter assigned to that table will again receive either a vibrating signal or sound to alert him that the is ready for collection. He collects the food and brings it to the table concerned.
The client is also given other options to get hold of his waiter. For example: if he/she changes his mind on what he has ordered, he may press the “CANCEL” button. The waiter can also press “CANCEL” button on the table bell, to clear the call as it has been attended to. If the client needs to add additional items such as drinks or snacks or simply needs the waiter for any other reason, He or she will simply press the “CALL” button. Finally, when ready to leave and a bill is required, the client will simply press the “BILL” button and the waiter will come straight away with the bill.
The display monitor will also display the table number of the client needing assistance just as the Wrist Watch worn by waiters does. 


  • Easy to operate, client needs only to press a button without looking, waving or shouting for a Waiter. This helps to avoid clients being ignored or not heard and helps to create a quiet and comfortable environment.
  • Waiters can receive calling notification promptly through their wrist watch, and provide timely service and prompt response without interruption. Your clients will be more relaxed and satisfied knowing that they can easily communicate with their waiters directly. Client will have intimate and seemingly direct communication with their waiters. It is as though the waiter is only saving their tables! Improved customer satisfaction is guarantee
  • Establish fast contact between kitchen and Waiters and thus increasing serving speed. It also eliminates mix ups regarding which foods belong to which tables.
  • It improves work efficiency and service quality, ensures waiters are always available.
  • Waiters will be more satisfied because they no longer have to run around like headless chickens. For example, if a clients calls for the bill, the waiter will not need to go to his table first (to be told that a bill is needed), but can head straight to the point of sales (POS), collect or print the customer’s the bill and head straight to the customers’ table
  • The system completely eliminates unnecessary delays and the resultant frustration. For example if a customer feels that his food is delaying, he will simply press the “CALL” button and the waiter assigned to the table may get a hint that the customer is frustrated somehow and may remedy the situation even before going to the table concerned.


  • Client to Waiter- Client wants to order, call the waiter or needs the bill. The client buzzes the Waiter via his table bell, the Waiter is instantly notified on Wrist watch that the client needs assistance or bill.
  • Kitchen to Waiter- When food is ready to be served, the kitchen buzzes the Waiter via a kitchen Keypad. The Waiter receives notification on Wrist Pager, and responds instantly, ensuring clients receive their meals without unnecessary delays.
  • Waiter to Manager- When the Managers presence is urgently required to resolve patron issues, and he/she is not in the vicinity, a quick buzz from a Waiter notifies the Manager on the Wrist Pager, he/she can then make a speedily response.

Products in the pipeline

Currently SAGIFON Technologies is working on a solution that will automate the order taking process:  waiters will be given an electronic device with the restaurant menu loaded. Once on the table, waiters will simply press the items ordered by the customer and this will be automatically sent to the kitchen display! The waiter will no longer need to go to the kitchen to place orders. This process will be completely automated.
We are also working to integrate our solution with various POS used in various restaurants so that the billing process can also be fully automated and integrated.
Keep on the lookout for these solutions. 
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