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SAGIFON technologies is an innovative and creative technology company that was launched in January 2010 to bring affordable, value adding technology solutions to businesses and private persons. 
Our vision is to become a technology innovation centre in Africa and to come up with technology solutions that are easily accessible to those in the lower and middle classes, who previously found it hard or unaffordable to enjoy technological solutions to their business and personal challenges.
Our purpose is to innovate, create, design, source, test, install and implement practical, workable and value adding technology solutions to resolve everyday business and personal challenges/problems that can easily be met or resolved through technology. 
Where appropriate technologies do not already exist, we take pride in creating and designing such new ground breaking technology solutions to help advance society. Where technology solutions do exist, but are not appropriately applied to meet the needs of society that they should be serving, we step in to bridge the gap and thus drive fast technology diffusion.
Currently we operate in two main technology lines: 
  • Cost effective car/bus monitoring and security including car tracking, fuel and fleet management, remote bus co-driver and monitoring as well as general car security.
  • and Industrial electronics and telecommunication consisting of Telecommunication costs consulting and solutions, advanced home security, and creative energy saving solutions”

2. Basic SAGIFON business concept


SAGIFON Technologies’ proposed business concept is simply to offer our customers an opportunity to explore technological solutions to routine business and personal problems, at affordable prices.  It aims to ensure that Africans in general, think of technological solutions, as a first and best option in resolving their problems in all spheres of their lives. As such, SAGIFON Technologies wants to work with people to find technological solutions to their problems. The innovativeness of SAGIFON’s business concept lies in allowing people of widely different economic status to improve their quality of life through their involvement and appreciation technological innovation, creativity and diffusion! 

3. How does SAGIFON Technologies innovate?


SAGIFON Technologies has and continues to observe people and companies alike in their natural environments, to derive trends that describe the main challenges that they are facing. For example, in South Africa, car theft has become a significant challenge that individuals and companies are seriously concerned about. Although solutions exist on the market to recover stolen cars, we at SAGIFON are thinking ahead: How can we completely eliminate the possibility of car theft in first place, through technology? South Africans are also concerned about extremely high death rate on roads, especially those involving vehicles carrying over 6 people (because these increase the death rate when involve in accidents). At SAGIFON technologies, we ask the question; what practical technologies can have real impact and bring down this rate? Energy saving is another important challenge that we face today and ESKOM spends a lot of money and time educating the public on how to save energy. At SAGIFON we ponder the question: can technology enable the public to save energy automatically, without having to furnish efforts to do so?
After raising these intriguing questions, (some of which may not be new questions), we spend time exploring possible practical solutions that can be implemented to benefit society. Were we have existing internal capacity, we singlehandedly bring those solutions to the market. Where we have limitations, we look for external partners to design and implement appropriate technology solutions.

4. How does SAGIFON Technologies plan to diffuse technology solutions?


In many cases, technology solutions already exists on the market but are only enjoyed by the privileged few. For example, car recovery through tracking solutions has been in the market place for years. In fact many, in higher echelons of society, simply purchase car trackers by default, when they buy a car (or as part of their insurance package). However in a market where 65% of all cars are not ensured, the large majority of the market is left un-catered for in this regard. So we ask; how can we come up with affordable car tracking solutions for this huge market? 
For another example, consider the costs incurred when a cellC SIM card is used to phone a Vodacom number, or a Vodacom SIM card is used to phone MTN numbers! We pay a lot more than would be the case if we were phoning SIMs and numbers of the same provider! 
The only solution to this problem so far has been with ICASA, the telecom regulator, who is expected to bring these interconnection rates down!! However, a much simpler and proactive technology solution can resolve the problem and SAGIFON technologies is working to find it.

5. What new Technology solutions is SAGIFON working on right now?


SAGIFON Technologies is currently working on a number of practical technological solutions that will solve a some routine problems that people and businesses face on a daily basis:
1. Remote controlled and programmable geyser time switch: This product will enable thousands of households who manually have to switch on/off their geysers to do so automatically and without having to fiddle in their electrical distribution boxes.
2. External SIM extender: This will be a simple device that will connect to any cell phone via Bluetooth and house additional 3 or 4 SIM cards. It will enable users to belong to multiple networks without having to purchase additional phones or carry multiple devices. A least cost routing program (LCR) will be installed on the phone to automatically choose the appropriate SIM card, whenever a call is made. This should eliminate interconnection charges for individuals with this device.
3. Remote Biometric/Fingerprint authentication car starter: This remote car key is intended to eliminate the possibility of car theft all together. The owner of such a key will have the possibility of programing 4 people who may apply their live fingerprint and be authenticated to start the engine. Without such authentication, it will be impossible to start the engine.
4. Solar powered washing machine: For many in rural areas, this machine will enable them to have access to a washing machine of which the running costs as virtually non-existent.

6. Final Remarks


SAGIFON technology has chosen to make technology its core business. While it may look like un unfocussed company, involved in multiple areas of technology, our long-term vision involves demystifying technology and encouraging communities across South Africa to look to technology for solutions to some of their pressing challenges/problems.
SAGIFON is also careful not to spread itself thin by allowing enough time for its innovations to mature and finding appropriate markets for them. At any one time SAGIFON will be developing or sourcing only 4 technology solutions, while matured technologies will be sold to willing buyers from time to time.
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